ISE has the pleasure of inviting you to partecipate at its Workshop on “Advanced Predictive tecnologies for predictive maintenance and maintenance cost reduction” held in Dossobuono di Villafranca (VR) at Hotel Veronesi La Torre” on the 19th of June 2013.

Intended audience:
Maintenance managers, tecnical services directors.

The goal of  this workshop is to be able , through its technical content, case histories and practical demonstrations, to answer the following questions :

Electrical Area:

  • What are the main issues for AC/DC motors?
  • How are we able to detect electical anomalies on motors?
  • What are the specific eleatica measures that can be performer on power cables?

Mechanical Area:

  • What are the main predictive technologies for the diagnostic of rotating machinery?
  • How to detect faults on rotating machinery and define their criticallity?
  • The importance of following a rigorous working method?

Attendace is free of charge but it is subject to a limited number of participants and a confirmation of registration mail sent by ISE subsequent  to your  online registration. To register please click here.

Agenda of the day:

8:45  Registration
9:00  Presentation
9.15   How to reduce maintenance costs thanks to condition monitoring

  • How to implement a condition monitoring program on high criticality machinery
  • Maintenance Cost reduction through  the elimination of unexpected filures and preventive maintenance optimization

10.00  Static and Dinamic electrical measures on BT and MT motors with PdMA  technology

  • Electrical measurement description
  • How to detect motor failures and power cables falures
  • Advatages of managing measurements on the data base of the  MCE Gold software
  • BT and MT motor failures Case histories

11:00  Coffee Break
11:30  New technology for vibration measurements

  • Azima DLI methodology
  • Fault zones and correct  measurement reading
  • Case history

12.45 Buffet lunch
14:00 Diagnostic of rotating machinery through online oil analysis and videoendoscopic analysis

  • Online equipment for continuous oil monitoring
  • Integrating oil analyis and videoendoscpy
  • Examples of applications on gearboxes

15.00 Presentation  of the PdMA MCE max e Azima DLI Trio equipment and  analysis software
16:00  Closure