Servizi di ottimizzazione manutenzione impianti settore trasporto navale

Plant Reliability in the Marine transport Industry helps to assure safety to passengers in the respect of the efficiency of service through a more functional maintenance management of ports and vessels for the transport of passengers and goods .

PdM, Condition Monitoring

Thanks to the use of online equipment for remote monitoring and the experience in the Marine sector, which has developed tank to the collaboration with Azima DLI – USA Company that performs plant monitoring on behalf of the US NAVY – ISE offers a complete range of services to improve maintenance and reduce maintenance costs:
• Vibration Measurements on fans, reactors, fans, pumps, compressors, ecc.
• On line remote monitoring system of vibrations
• Static and dynamic electrical  measurements on AC/DC motors and generators
• Videoendoscopic Analisis on gears and heat exchangers, ecc.
• Oil analysis on gears, hydraulic power unit, compressors
• Thermography on electrical plants, valves, piping systems, residue and sediments analysis ecc.
• Specific Measurements and troubleshooting
• Ultrasound Measurements for  monitoring of steam traps and finding  compressed air leaks

Reliability, Maintenance Management

ISE’s activities regarding Reliability and maintenance management aim to upgrade the availability of production plants e reduce maintenance costs.
The most important aspect of ISE’s consultancy project is to insure that at least 10-15% of activities are for classroom training and focused on an 85-90% on onsite coaching and on the job guidance.
The aspect that defines ISE’s projects its strength: not only to be able to advice or instruct procedures that can be heavy going on work procedures, but work on site next to the clients resources to help implement a Reliable Maintenance Management till the decisive phases.

ISE uses a Reliability Assessment, method which allows the analysis of the maintenance performances and develop improvement processes in different aspects of organization:
Preventive Maintenance Optimization
Maintenance planning & scheduling
Spare part Management
EAM/CMMS Software management
RCA (Root Cause Analysis)
Equipment Criticality Analysis
RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance)
FMECA (Failure Mode Effect and Criticality Analysis)