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Detect week signals.  Machines send signals of wear that modern predictive maintenance technologies and methodologies can detect, defining the possibile failure moment and sugesting the maintenance intervention schedule.  Being able to avoid unplanned machine stoppages creates high savings and a fast investment return. ISE supplies  machine monitoring and diagnosis services supporting its clients in granting them their plant reliability.

We use the most innovative and modern predictive maintenance technologies:

ISE Engineers and technicians have performed and continually do training sessions achieving the following certifications:

  • Vibration analysis – category III – Vibration Institute, for vibration analysis
  • Certificazione PES-PAV, to operate in electric eniviroments
  • PdMA Usa Certification, for electric measures
  • ITC di Livello II e ISO 9712/ EN473 IT, for Thermography
  • SDTs Level 1 Airborne and Structure Borne Ultrasound, for Ultrasound Analysis

ISE has  decades of experience in the predictive maintenance field and diagnostic of industrial plants to supply results for the efficiency of  the production plants.


Critical machinery monitored for a year.

Last year our technicians and engineers have checked the efficiency condition and wear level of  750.000 rotating machines.  A efficient and continuous check which has allowed our clients to continue working optimizing the availability of the plants increasing production performances.


Cases resolved in a Year. 

During the last year we have succesfully executed 980 jobs with numerous technologies like vibration measures, vibration measures, thermography, electric measures on motors, ultrasound inspections and other technologies.


Time reduction of  plant stoppage.

Thanks to the use of advance predictive technologies and to ISE know how, we assure  a time reduction of plant stoppages with a subsequent increase of productivity.


Reduction of  serious failure of machinery . 

A result which allows the increase  of productivity, the reduction of  work related risks  and betters operators safety conditions.