Analisi delle vibrazioni macchine rotanti

All rotating machinery like pumps, motors, gears, ecc . during their normal functioning generate vibrations with measurable values and frequencies through specific instrumentation. When vibration levels which aren’t in the frequency range or in their amplitude are detected we are in the presence of an anomaly that could affect the quality of  the work of the machine, or its actual functioning determining a breakage and a subsequent stoppage.

The periodic monitoring of vibration measurements allows the identification of the anomaly and for this reason a prediction of  a probable breakage period.  In this way it is possible to plan the moment and maintenance intervention mode with obvious time and cost saves.

Vibration measures analysis on rotating machinery means monitoring its actual functioning. Vibrations can be measured with online systems, permanently installed on the machines, or with portable equipment at fixed intervals. In both cases, thanks to  Azima DLI(Massachusetts,USA) technology,worldwide leader in predictive maintenance, ISE offers a high quality service for data analysis and acquisition through the  use of advanced equipment with the support of  Vibration Institute accredited analysts that work in accordance with ISO and ANSI procedures.

ISE’s vibration analysis service considers numerous possibilities of action: in the Full Service solution the activities of acquisition, data analysis and reporting are managed by ISE technicians.  In other cases measurements are performed by the Client and the data is automatically transferred through a database replicator and ISE, manages the data analysis and the report drafting, communicating the results directly to the client through the use of the OLO “On Line Observatory”  web portal.