Analisi chimico-fisica oli lubrificanti negli organi di movimento delle macchine

Oil is a fundamental component of a machine’s mechanical functioning, it isn’t only necessary to lubricate friction between mechanical moving parts.  A very important function supports us in monitoring the kind wear of the equipment and of the lubricated parts through a physic and chemical analysis that shows the level of dirt and the contamination of the oil with metal dust and other elements related to the mechanical parts involved.  The level of this contamination can uncover an wear anomaly of a component or mechanism, suggesting an intervention to check the state  and efficiency  with a good degree of  approximation  and in time for  organizing a intervention or a repair. Containing costs and eliminating the possibility of upcoming unnecessary sudden problems which can stress the efficiency of the machinery or its functioning.

Further but not less important information is that the oil chemical-physical analysis provides us with the condition of alteration of the oil.  Through the evaluation of parameters like viscosity, the humidity percentage or other contaminants, the analysis indicates when it’s the right moment to substitute the oil before it starts damaging the machine having lost its initial beneficial characteristics.

ISE offers a valid support starting from the selection of points and sampling parameters up to the oil analysis of oil samples taken periodically on the critical machinery.