Manutenzione predittiva: progettazione del piano di manutenzione predittiva

The selection of predictive technologies, the choice of critical machines to be monitored, defining the time table of checks and measurement procedures,  selecting and training the staff responsible of  data analysis and acquisition are some of the most important phases that define the implementation of predictive maintenance plan in a plant.

In case a Company decides to internally arrange a maintenance group dedicated to Condition monitoring activities it is very important to make the correct choices, that can grant the success of this operation.  For this reason the choice of ISE, which has been operating for years in this sector, as a partner can help you in the critical phases from the project to the implementation of a predictive maintenance plan which follows specific guide lines:

  • Condition Monitoring Assessment
  • Predictive maintenance plan project
  • Selection of predictive technologies and measurement equipment
  • Staff Training
  • Coaching  during data aquisition and analysis
  • Definition and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) measurement