Misure di ultrasuoni: indagini predittive ad ultrasuoni per prevenire perdite e guasti

Visual inspections do not always detect anomalies.  Air leakages in a pressure circuit, problems on hydraulic valves, defects on steam traps, and anomalies on MT equipment are events that produce inaudible sounds to the human ear because they are in the  range of the ultrasound.  Among predictive technologies, ultrasound measures allow a precise analysis of the location and of the entity of the leek or fault without a direct intervention on the machine or on the components, allowing immediate advantages for failure prevention and energy saving.

A contact probe or an airborne transducer directs the sound beam that originates from the functioning machine towards an electronic ecotransducer, which measures the entity and the frequency finding the source of the anomaly or detecting the leak.

In this way it is possible to forecast future breakages or failures due to leaks in pressure circuits, hydraulic valves, compressors, heat exchangers, traps; or even quickly detect the wear of bearings and gears, find out if there is an excess of lubricant or if it’s missing  and find anomalies partial discharges or corona effects on electric cabinets or MT distribution lines.