Misure elettriche motori: diagnosi e misurazioni con strumentazione di monitoraggio

Damages to the supply circuit, the winding insulation, to the rotor or stator of an electric motor.  Inverter faults, power quality problems, harmonic presence or voltage and current imbalance.  Anomalies that are not always visible, not even with normal predictive technology techniques but are identified systematically by electric measures performed following the PdMA Corporation methodology.

ISE is able to offer diagnosis and measurement services, on motors, alternators and electric circuits, with advanced monitoring equipment that simplifies and reduces time and cost and fault research based on traditional techniques.

One of the principal advantages of the electric measurements performed by ISE gives the chance to verify the condition of your electric motor during its normal  functioning evaluating the condition of the stator, the rotor and other critical elements  without interfering with the plants functioning conditions.  During the plants scheduled stoppages , it is possible to perform more specific  checks, comparing the static and dynamic measures to have a complete scenario of the  motor and generator condition  under exam.