Manutenzione industriale attraverso il monitoraggio remoto

The functioning conditions of compressors, turbines, gears, fans, aero-generators and other critical rotating machines most of the time need to be monitored continuously so to prevent breakages.  Through the use of these monitoring activities it is possible to suggest specific interventions regarding necessary maintenance interventions.

Thanks to the availability of the newest technologies and of  a fully equipped control room, ISE offers a continuous remote monitoring service  named  OLO, “On Line Observatory”,  which allows to monitor different parameters :

  • Vibrations
  • Angular speed
  • Electrical quantities (tensions, voltage, ecc.)
  • Torsional torque
  • Temperature
  • Oil condition
  • Pictures and thermal images
  • Other physic quantities

If you chose an online solution for vibration monitoring, specific sensors are applied  to some parts of the machine.  The sensors are installed permanently and  thanks to signal cables they are connected to data acquisition systems linked to the ISE data acquisition centre  thanks to the OLO, “On Line Observatory” , application.

After this phase ISE experts manage the data analysis, evaluation and recording with the remote computer expressing a diagnosis and recommendations, an abstract on what has been verified and what is advisable to do.  Al is completely managed by ISE through a remote computer with out any kind of intrusion, burden or additional activity for the Client which simply receives recommendations and the supporting data is able to decide how and when to plan the specific maintenance intervention.