Termografia: indagine termografica attraverso termocamere

The overheating of a machine if it’s not correctly monitored can lead to serious damages to the plant with an instant blockage of all the system.  Thermographic analysis with the proper equipment is fast and reliable way to discover an anomaly.

Through the use of a thermal camera that detects the thermal alterations of a component or of a machine translating them on to the screen into “warm and cool” colours, it is possible to point out the area interested by the thermal imbalance with the known practice temperature range.  In this way temperatures can be frequently registered monitoring their trend.  Once the anomaly that causes the overheating is detected it is simple to delimit the problem and the area on which it’s manifested find the causes and recommend to Client the precautions he should take while waiting for the substitution or repair intervention.

Being able to thermally map the circuit overheating phenomena, of a control cabinet or thermal box, normally covered and not visible means being able to prevent breakages, resulting from the often unrecoverable, damaging alterations of  the temperature.  In relation not only to the damage it could create on the plant with substantial economic losses, but also to the possibility of personal injury in violation with health and safety measures.

Through the use of professional Flir  Thermal Cameras (USA) World wide leader in the production of infrared technology, ISE’s technicians survey and collect the measurements on site, register the data, compare and process delivering a report to the Client with diagnosis and recommendations, an abstract on what has been analyzed and what is the suggestion on how to proceed.  ISE management the activities does not involve the Client in additional work, or time wasting activities: the Client receives the report with the recommendation which allows him to decide when to schedule the maintenances intervention.