Corsi di formazione su condition monitoring e manutenzione predittiva

The added value given by ISE’ training course in the Condition Monitoring  field is the combination between the on site technician’s experience and the theory and  best practices.

ISE’s courses are carried out at our Headquarters, or directly at the clients premises, specifically tailored on the characterics of the plant and with on site practical training.

Some of the topics studied during the course are:

Our expert have performed continuous sessions of training and have le following certifications:

  • Vibration analysis – category III – Vibration Institute, for vibration analysis
  • Certificazione PES-PAV, to operate in the electric field
  • PdMA Usa Certification, for electric measurements
  • ITC di Livello II e ISO 9712/ EN473 IT, for Thermography
  • SDTs Level 1 Airborne and Structure Borne Ultrasound, for ultrasound Analysis l’Analysis

ISE works and is partner the Vibration InstituteTraining School.