Spare part management and store organization represent an essential step of the Planning & Scheduling process and help  increase machine reliability allowing  to reach optimization and saving.

If you have the need to upgrade your spare part management system, ISE supports you with the IDCON Inc. approach, an international experience grown through the management of  projects in 47 countries  and different industries.

Thanks to Reliability Based Spare Parts Management, ISE supports you in the sharing of  work processes, and with training and appropriate backup activities that will enhance the procurement processes for your plant maintenance.

These are the basic steps  of the spare part management improvement project:

  • Spare Parts Management Assessment.  Audit represents the first necessary phase of the analysis of a spare part management system through with improvement opportunities are detected.
  • Training and practical excercises.  Here you can find the key concepts regarding spare part management, also through personalized programs that use examples taken directly from your plant.
  • Supporting activities and on the job training aimed to implement improvements.  This is the most important phase of the project with an active support by ISE experts in the implementation of the selected improvement activities. After a period of practical experience, the project finishes with the required check of the efficiency of the solutions which have been implemented and the actual meeting and satisfaction with the initial needs.

A the end of an improvement project of the Spare Parts Management System which has been applied in this manner significant results are obtained: the reduction of the value of the inventory, increase in plant reliability and optimization of the work load of  maintenance staff.