Miglioramento efficienza asset

The classic approach to preventive maintenance has brought for many years a significant increase in maintenance costs not always preventing relevant failures.

ISE  presents a more modern approach, which utilizes preventive maintenance only after having showed that that its costs is lower than the expense of the consequence of  a breakage.

This means that for numerous machines corrective maintenance is acceptable because it is less expensive, on the other hand for other machines the most efficient system would be to perform Condition Based Maintenance.

During a Preventive Maintenance Optimization project, ISE’s staff, in collaboration with you maintenance experts can support you in the revision of a maintenance plan following specific guidelines:

  • Machine criticality analysis
  • Selection of the machinery to include in the preventive maintenance plan
  • Revise of the preventive maintenance plan in relation to its criticality
  • Check e efficiency and feasibility of each activity included in the preventive maintenance plan
  • Optimization of activities present in the plan in terms of time interventions schedule and operating procedures
  • Maintenance operation procedures drafting for the more complex activities