rca - root cause analysis

In synergy with the  IDCON Inc. experience ISE translates the approach to Problem Solving using “Root Cause Problem Elimination” more than Root Cause Analysis (RCA) because it’s closer to the expected results of a fault analysis process.  Instead of concentrating only on the analysis of the cause of a fault, the Root Cause Problem Elimination (RCPE) has its goal in the elimination of the problem.

The focus on maintenance technicians represents a key element of the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) proposed by ISE, through the implementation of a simple program, structured and pragmatic, targeted to support technicians in the resolution of many problems recurring in a plant.

ISE proposes training and coaching  programs to support you in the in the development of a structured process that  helps find the root cause problem and the necessary actions to eliminate it through defined steps:

  • How to document problems
  • How to select the problems to be analyzed
  • How to analyze problems
  • How to document the solutions
  • How to share results in your plant o between different plants